Submissions on Draft Proposals

GA133 Peter Wood 27 November 2017

GA134 Michelle Tait  19 January 2018

GA135 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners 23 January 2018

GA136 NSW Ombudsman 5 February 2018

GA137 NSW Council of Social Service 5 February 2018

GA138 Mental Health Coordinating Council 5 February 2018

GA139 Living with Disability Research Centre 7 February 2018

GA140 NSW Trustee and Guardian 8 February 2018

GA141 Dementia Australia 8 February 2018

GA142 National Mental Health Commission 8 February 2018

GA143 Physical Disability Council of NSW 8 February 2018

GA144 Council for Intellectual Disability 8 February 2018

GA145 Family Advocacy 9 February 2018

GA146 Australian Association of Gerontology 9 February 2018

GA147 NSW Council for Civil Liberties 9 February 2018

GA148 Mental Health Commission of NSW 9 February 2018

GA149 Associate Professor Nola Ries and Dr Elise Mansfield 9 February 2018

GA150 Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW Inc 9 February 2018

GA151 Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association 9 February 2018

GA152 NSW, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, Clinical Ethics Committee 9 February 2018

GA153 MIGA 9 February 2018

GA154 People with Disability Australia 9 February 2018

GA155 National Disability Services 9 February 2018

GA156 Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre 10 February 2018

GA157 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 14 February 2018

GA158 Seniors Rights Service 15 February 2018

GA159 Justice Connect 16 February 2018

GA160 NSW Bar Association 15 February 2018

GA161 Carers NSW 19 February 2018

GA162 Benevolent Society 21 February 2018

GA163 Legal Aid NSW 26 February 2018

GA164 Law Society of NSW 27 February 2018

GA165 Hamish MacRae 28 February 2018

GA166 John Carter 4 March 2018

GA167 NSW Department of Family and Community Services 29 March 2018

Submissions ​on Question Papers

GA01​ Mental Health Coordinating Council​ (Received  24 September 2016) QP1

GA02 The Royal Australasian College of Physicians ​(Received 13 October 2016) QP1

GA03 Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network ​​(Received 12 October 2016)  QP1

GA04 Seniors Rights Service​ (Received 14 October 2016)  QP1

GA05 Aged and Community Services NSW and ACT​ ​(Received 13 October 2016)  QP1

GA06 NSW Disability Network Forum​  (Received 13 October 2016)  QP1

GA07 NSW Council for Intellectual Disability (Received 16 October 2016)​  QP1

GA08 Bridgette Pace​ (Received 17 October 2016)  QP1

GA09 Combined Pensioners & Superannuants Association of NSW Inc (Received 17 October 2016)  QP1

GA10 Mental Health Carers NSW (Received 17 October 2016)  QP1

GA11 Alzheimer's Australia NSW​ (Received 17 October 2016)  QP1

GA12 Carers NSW (Received 17 October 2016)  QP1

GA13 NSW Council of Social Service (Received 17 October 2016) QP1

GA14 Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre​ (Received 17 October 2016) QP1

GA15 Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW​ ​(Received 17 October 2016) QP1

GA16 Intellectual Disability Rights Service (Received 17 October 2016) QP1

GA17 Physical Disability Council of New South W​ales​ (Received 18 October 2016) QP1

​GA18 Legal Aid NSW (Received 18 October 2016)​ QP1

GA19 NSW ​Civil & Administration Tribunal - Guardianship Division (Received 18 October 2016) QP1

GA20 People with Disability Australia​ (Received 22 October 2016) QP1

GA21 Synapse (Received 24 October 2016) QP1

GA22 Stephanie Travers ​(Received 24 October 2016) QP1

GA23 Capacity Australia (Received 25 October 2016) QP1

GA24 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists​ (Received 26 October 2016) QP1

GA25 Mental Health Commission of NSW (Received 27 October 2016) QP1

GA26 Miga (Received 27 October 2016) QP1

GA27 NSW Young Lawyers (Received 28 October 2016) QP1

GA28 ​NSW Trustee and Guardian (Received 28 October 2016) QP1

GA29 The Law Society of NSW (Received 8 November 2016) QP1

GA30 Mid North Coast Community Legal Centre and Disability Advocacy NSW​ (Received 31 October 2016) QP1

GA31 N​SW Family and Community Services (Received 9 November 2016) QP1

GA32 Multicultural NSW (Received 29 November 2016) QP1

GA33 Scott Bell-Ellercamp (Received 16 December 2016) QP2

GA34 Mental Health Coordinating Council (Received 21 December 2016) QP2

​GA35 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners NSW and ACT (Received 29 January 2017) QP2

​GA36 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners NSW and ACT (Received 29 January 2017) ​QP3

​​GA37 Lyn Anderson (Received 23 January 2017) QP2

​​GA38 Lyn Anderson (Received 23 January 2017) ​QP3

​​GA39 NSW Disability Network Forum NSW and ACT (Received 25 January 2017) QP2

​GA40 NSW Disability Network Forum NSW and ACT (Received 25 January 2017) QP3

GA41 Bridgette Pace (Received 27 January 2017) QP2

GA42 Bridgette Pace (Received 29 January 2017) QP3

GA43 Aged and Community Services NSW and ACT ​(Received 30 January 2017) QP2

GA44 Mental Health Carers NSW (Received 29 January 2017) QP3, QP3

GA45 The NSW Council of Social Service (Received 30 January 2017) QP2

GA46 The NSW Council of Social Service (Received 30 January 2017) QP3

GA47 The Disability Council NSW (Received 30 January 2017) ​QP3

GA48 Carers NSW (Received 30 January 2017) QP2

GA49 Carers NSW (Received 30 January 2017) QP3

​GA50 Justice Health and Forensics Mental Health Network (Received 31 January 2017) ​QP2, QP3

GA51 BEING (Received 31 January 2017) QP2

GA52 John Quinlan (Received 31 January 2017) QP2

GA53 The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists NSW Branch (Received 31 January 2017) ​QP2, QP3

GA54 Dawn Coombridge (Received 31 January 2017) ​QP3

GA55 NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Received 31 January 2017)​ ​QP2, QP3

GA56 Mid North Coast Community Legal Centre and Disability Advocacy (Received 31 January 2017) QP2

GA57 ​Mid North Coast Community Legal Centre and Disability Advocacy (Received 31 January 2017) ​QP3

GA58 Legal Aid NSW (Received 31 January 2017)​​ ​QP2, QP3

GA59 NSW Council for Intellectual Disability (Received 31 January 2017)​​ QP 2, QP3

GA60 Simon Lewis and Keerthi Muvva​ (Received 31 January 2017)​​

GA61 Senior Rights Service (Received 31 January 2017)​​ QP2

GA62 Senior Rights Service (Received 31 January 2017)​​ QP3

​GA63 Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre (Received 3 February 2017) QP2

GA64 People with Disability Australia (Received 6 February 2017) ​​QP2 

​GA65 People with Disability Australia (Received 8 February 2017) QP3

GA66 The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (Received 9 February 2017) ​QP2

GA67 John Quinlan (Received 10 February 2017) QP2, QP5

GA68 The NSW Mental Health Commission (Received 10 February 2017) QP2

GA69 The NSW Mental Health Commission (Received 10 February 2017) QP3

GA70 Intellectual Disability Rights Service (Received 12 February 2017) QP2

GA71 Intellectual Disability Rights Service (Received 12 February 2017) QP3

GA72 NSW Public Guardian (Received 20 February 2017) QP2

GA73 NSW Public Guardian (Received 20 February 2017) ​QP3

GA74 Law Society of NSW  (Received 21 February 2017) QP2

GA75 Law Society of NSW (Received 21 February 2017) ​QP3

GA76 NSW Department of Family and Community Services (Received 25 February 2017) QP2

GA77 NSW Department of Family and Community Services (Received 25 February 2017) QP3

GA78 NSW Trustee and Guardian (Received 9 March 2017) QP2

GA79 NSW Trustee and Guardian (Received 9 March 2017) QP3

GA80 Confidential (Received 13 March 2017) 

GA81 Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network (Received 13 March 2017) ​QP6

GA82 Multicultural NSW (Received 5 April 2017) QP2, QP3

​GA83 William Kinnaird (Received 13 April 2017) 

GA84 Tasmania Department of Health and Human Services (Received 19 April 2017) ​QP5

GA85 House With No Steps (Received 4 May 2017)

GA87 Mental Health Coordinating Council (Received 10 May 2017) QP4, QP5, QP6

GA88A Professor Ben White, Professor Lindy Willmott and Penny Neller (Received 10 May 2017) QP5

GA88B Kim Chandler, Professor Ben White, Professor Lindy Willmott and Penny Nellor (Received 12 May 2018) QP5

GA89 Mental Health Review Tribunal (Received 10 May 2017) QP5

GA90A Senior Rights Service (Received 11 May 2017) QP4

GA90B Senior Rights Service (Received 11 May 2017) QP5

GA90C Senior Rights Service (Received 11 May 2017) QP6

GA91 The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (Received 11 May 2017) QP5

GA92 Bridgette Pace (Received 11 May 2017) QP4

GA93 Ries, Mansfield, Waller and Bryant (Received 11 May 2017) QP5

GA94 Prudentia Financial Planning (Received 12 May 2017) QP4

GA95 NSW Council of Social Services (Received 12 May 2017) QP4, QP5, QP6

GA96 The Shopfront Youth Legal Centre (Received 12 May 2017) QP6

GA97 Avant Mutual Group Limited (Received 12 May 2017) QP5

GA98 Bill Kelly (Received 12 May 2017) QP4

GA99 June Walker (Received 12 May 2017) QP4

GA100 National Disability Services (Received 12 May 2017) QP5

GA101A NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Received 12 May 2017) QP4

GA101B NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Received 12 May 2017) QP5

GA102 Multicultural NSW (Received 12 May 2017) QP4, QP5, QP6

GA103 Peter Deane (Received 15 May 2017) QP4, QP6

GA104 Coppin, O’Neill and Sebar (Received 12 May 2017) QP6

GA105 NSW Institute of Trauma and Injury Management (Received 18 May 2017) QP5

GA106 Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (Received 18 May 2017) QP5

GA107 Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (Received 17 May 2017) QP5

GA108 NSW Public Guardian (Received 17 May 2017) QP4, QP5, QP6

GA109A Legal Aid NSW (Received 17 May 2017) QP4

GA109B Legal Aid NSW (Received 17 May 2017) QP5

GA109C Legal Aid NSW (Received 17 May 2017) QP6

GA110 NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Received 19 May 2017) QP6

GA111 Carers NSW (Received 19 May 2017) QP6

GA112A Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre (Received 22 May 2017) QP4

GA112B Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre (Received 22 May 2017) QP5

GA113 Council for Intellectual Disability (Received 23 May 2017) QP4, QP5, QP6

GA114 Sexual Assault Services within Nepean Blue Mountains and Western Sydney Local Health Districts (Received 25 May 2017) QP5

GA115 MIGA (Received 25 May 2017) QP4, QP5, QP6

GA116A Mental Health Commission of New South Wales (Received 29 May 2017) QP4

GA116B Mental Health Commission of New South Wales (Received 29 May 2017) QP5

GA116C Mental Health Commission of New South Wales (Received 29 May 2017) QP6

GA117 NSW Trustee & Guardian (Received 29 May 2017) QP4, QP5, QP6

GA118A The Law Society of NSW (Received 2 June 2017) QP4

GA118B The Law Society of NSW (Received 2 June 2017) QP6

GA119A Being (Received 1 June 2017) QP4

GA119B Being (Received 1 June 2017) QP5

GA119C Being (Received 1 June 2017) QP6

GA120 Professor John Carter (Received 2 June 2017) QP5

GA121A Mental Health Carers NSW Inc (Received 5 June 2017) QP4

GA121B Mental Health Carers NSW Inc (Received 5 June 2017) QP5, QP6

GA122 NSW Young Lawyers Civil Litigation Committee (Received 8 June 2017) QP4, QP5, QP6

GA123 The Law Society of NSW (Received 8 June 2017) QP5

GA124 Acting NSW Privacy Commissioner (Received 12 May 2017) QP6

GA125 NSW Department of Family and Community Services (Received 14 June 2017) QP4, QP5, QP6

GA126 NSW Disability Network Forum (Received 12 May 2017) QP4

GA127 NSW Disability Network Forum (Received 12 May 2017) QP5

GA128 NSW Disability Network Forum (Received 12 May 2017) QP6

GA129 Rodney Lewis (Received 26 June 2017) QP4

GA130 NSW Ministry of Health (Received 27 June 2017) QP5

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25 Sep 2023

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