Preliminary Submissions

The Commission is no longer seeking preliminary submissions​ on this review.

Preliminary submissions received in response to the terms of reference:

PGA01​ Maxwell Watts and Mareea Watts​ (Received 15 February 2016)

PGA02 Lise Barry (Received 23 February 2016)

PGA03 Dr John Carter (Received 9 March 2016)

PGA04 Lina Sultana​ (Received 10 March 2016)

PGA05 NSW Disability Network Forum (Received 18 March 2016)

PGA07 Senior Rights Service (Received 18 March 2016)

PGA08 Mental Health Coordinating Council​ (Received 18 March 2016)

PGA09 Bridgette Pace (Received 19 March 2016)

PGA10 Council on the Ageing NSW (Received 20 March 2016)

PGA11 Michael Cochran (Received 20 March 2016)

PGA12 Kellie Jefferson (Received 20 March 2016)

PGA13 Legal Aid NSW (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA14 Alzheimer's Australia (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA15 Supreme Court of NSW (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA16 Medical Insurance Group Australia (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA17 Carers NSW (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA18 NSW Council for Intellectual Disability ​​(Received 21 March 2016)

PGA19 NSW Council for Civil Liberties​ (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA20 Avant Mutual Group Limited (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA21 Mental Health Review Tribunal (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA22 BEING (Received 21 March 2016) 

PGA23 People With Disability Australia (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA24 National Disability Services​ (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA25 Name withheld (Received 21 March 2016) 

PGA26 Disability Council NSW (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA27 Jan Barham (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA28 Dep​artment of Rehabilitation Medicine - St Vincent's Hospital​ (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA29 Vanessa Browne (Received 21 March 2016)

PGA30​​ June Walker​ (Received 21 March 2016)​

PGA31 Bernhard Ripperger and Laura Joseph (Received 28 March 2016)

PGA32 NSW Young Lawyers Civil Litigation, Human Rights and Public Law and Government Committees (Received 29 March 2016)

​​PGA34 John Friedman (Received 30 March 2016)

PGA35 Institute of Legal Executives​ (Received 31 March 2016)

PGA37 Mary Lou Carter​ (Received​ 1 April 2016)

PGA38 Our Voice Australia (Received 1 April 2016)

PGA39 NSW Mental Health Commission (Received 1 April 2016)

PGA40 The South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Human Research Ethics Committee (Received 1 April 2016)

PGA41 NSW Ombudsman Office (Received 1 April 2016)

PGA42 Nell Brown (Received 3 April 2016)

PGA43 Law Society of NSW (Received 4 April 2016)

PGA44 Intellectual Disability Right​​s Service (Received 4 April 2016)

PGA45 Craig Ward (Received 1 April 2016)​ 

PGA47 Australian Centre for Health Law Research​ (Received 4 April 2016)

PGA49 NSW Health​ (Received 4 April 2016)

PGA50 NSW Trustee & Guardian (Received 6 April 2016)

PGA51 Michael Murray​ (Received 6 April 2016)

PGA52 Australian Lawyers Alliance​ (Received 8 April 2016)

PGA53 Mental Health Carers ARAFMI NSW Inc.​ (Received 14 April 2016)

PGA54 NSW Department of Family & Community Services​ (Received 27 April 2016)

PGA55 Minister for Health (Received 14 September 2016)

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19 Sep 2023

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