Submissions to Consultation Paper 18

DR15 Jane Thompson Powter (Received 3 March 2017) 

DR16 NSW Information Commissioner (Received 10 March 2017)

DR17 NSW Department of Family & Community Services (Received 14 March 2017) 

DR18 NSW Ombudsman (Received 24 March 2017) 

DR19 Australian Dispute Resolution Advisory Council (Received 16 March 2017)​ 

​DR20 NSW Bar Association (Received 31 March 2017)

DR21 Legal Aid NSW (Received 31 March 2017)

DR22 Stephen Lancken (Received 2 April 2017)

DR23 Law Society of NSW (Received 5 April 2017)

DR24 Resolution Institute (Received 7 April 2017)

DR25 Australian Dispute Resolution Association (Received 2 May 2017)

DR26 NSW Small Business Commissioner (Received 3 May 2017)

Submissions to Consultation Paper 16

DR01 NSW Information Commissioner (Received 13 June 2014) 

DR02 Supreme Court of NSW (Received 18 June 2014) 

DR03 NSW Privacy Commissioner (Received 18 June 2014) 

DR04 Emeritus Professor Hilary Astor (Received 19 June 2014) 

DR05 Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW (Received 20 June 2014) 

DR06 Children's Court of NSW (Received 26 June 2014) 

DR07 Law Society of NSW (Received 27 June 2014) 

DR08 Mr Steve Lancken (Received 27 June 2014) 

DR09 Housing Industry Association (Received 27 June 2014) 

DR10 Department of Family and Community Services (Received 1 July 2014) 

DR11 The Dispute Group (Received 1 July 2014) 

DR12 NSW Bar Association (Received 2 July 2014) 

DR13 NSW Young Lawyers, Civil Litigation Committee (Received 14 July 2014) 

DR14 Legal Aid NSW (Received 1 August 2014) 

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23 Aug 2023

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