This page provides links to some of the submissions which interested people and organisations have made in response to our terms of reference for this project.

SE01 Women in Prison Advocacy ​Network (QP 1-4)

SE02 Public Defenders (QP 1-4)

SE03 New South Wales, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (QP 1-4)

SE04 Children’s Court of New South Wales (QP 1-4)

SE05 Public Interest Advocacy Centre Ltd (QP 1-4)

SE06 Police Association of NSW (QP 1-4)

SE07 Law Society of New South Wales (QP 1-4)

SE08 Homicide Victims’ Support Group (Aust) Inc (QP 1-4)

SE09 New South Wales Bar Association (QP 1-4)

SE10 His Honour Judge Graeme Henson, Chief Magistrate of the Local Court (QP 1-4)

SE11 Legal Aid NSW (QP 1-4)

​SE12 NSW Young Lawyers Criminal Law Committee (QP 1-4)

SE13 Professor Mirko Bagaric (QP 1-4)

SE14 NSW Police Force (QP 1-4)

SE15 Probation and Parole Officers Association of NSW (QP 1-4)

SE16 Law Society of NSW (QP 5-7)

SE17 Women in Prison Advocacy Network (QP 5-7)

SE18 Children’s Court of NSW (QP 5-7)

SE19 Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (QP 5-7)

SE20 Juvenile Justice (QP 5-7)

SE21 Police Association of NSW (QP 5-7)

SE22 Judge Graeme Henson , Chief Magistrate of the Local Court (QP 5-7)

SE23 Homicide Victims’ Support Group (Aust) Inc ​(QP 5-7)

SE24 The Public Defenders (QP 5-7)

SE25 The Public Defenders (QP 1-4)

SE26 Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (QP6)

SE27 New South Wales Bar Association (QP 5-7)

SE28 The Shopfront Youth Legal Centre (QP 5-7)

SE29 Public Interest Advocacy Centre Ltd (QP 5-7)

SE30 Juvenile Justice (QP 5-7)

SE31 Legal Aid NSW (QP 5-7)

SE32 NSW Police Force​​ (QP 5-7)

SE33 Drug Court of NSW (QP 6)

SE34 Police Association of NSW (QP 8-12)

SE35 Judge Graeme Henson, Chief Magistrate of the Local Court of NSW (QP 8-12)

SE36 Public Defenders (QP 8-12)

SE37 The Shopfront Youth Legal Centre (QP 8-12)

SE38 NSW Young Lawyers, Criminal Law Committee (QP 5-7)

SE39 Probation and Parole Officers’ Association of NSW (QP 5)

SE40 Children’s Court of NSW (QP 8-12) 

SE41 NSW, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (QP 8-12)

SE42 Public Interest Advocacy Centre Ltd (QP 8-12)

SE43 Law Society of NSW, Criminal Law Committee (QP 8-12)​

SE44 Family and Community Services (QP 8-12)

SE45 NSW Police Force (QP 8-12)

SE46 ​NSW Bar Association (QP 8-12)

SE47 Homicide Victims’ Support Group (Aust) Inc (QP 8-12)

SE48 NSW, Family and Community Services (QP 5-7)

SE49 Probation and Parole Officers Association of NSW (QP 6)

SE50 Legal Aid NSW (QP 8-12)

SE51 Corrective Services NSW (QP 1-4)

SE52 Corrective Services NSW (QP 5-7)

SE53 Corrective Services NSW, Women’s Advisory Council (QP 8-12)

SE54 Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning (QP 8-12)

SE55 Corrective Services NSW (QP 8-12)

SE56 Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) (QP 5-7)

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21 Aug 2023

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We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the First Nations Peoples of NSW and pay our respects to Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the ongoing connection Aboriginal people have to this land and recognise Aboriginal people as the original custodians of this land.

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