Submissions received in response to Consultation Paper 10. 

PN01 Michael Heath  (Received 17 November 2010)

PN02 NSW Maritime (Received 17 November 2010)

PN03 Adrien Whiddett (Received 29 November 2010)

PN04 Aaron Kernaghan (Received 27 September 2010)

PN05 NSW Local Courts (Received 26 November 2010)

PN06 Sydney Olympic Park Authority (Received 25 November 2010)

PN07 NSW Department of Planning (Received 30 November 2010)

PN08 NSW Disability Discrimination Legal Centre Inc (Received 30 November 2010)

PN09 NSW Food Authority (Received 30 November 2010)

PN10 Holroyd City Council (Received 30 November 2010)

PN11 Legal Aid NSW (Received 30 November 2010)

PN12 UnitingCare Burnside (Received 2 December 2010)

PN13 Department of Human Services NSW, Ageing , Disability and Home Care (Received 2 December 2010)

PN14 NSW Trustee & Guardian (Received 1 December 2010)

PN15 Department of Human Services NSW, Juvenile Justice (Received 3 December 2010)

PN16 Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW (Received 6 December 2010)

PN17 Land & Property Management Authority (Received 3 December 2010)

PN18 Sutherland Shire Council (6 December 2010)

PN19 NSW Department of Education & Training, Workforce Management & Systems Improvement (6 December 2010)

PN20 Corrective Services NSW, Women's Advisory Council (Received 6 December 2010)

PN21 Council of Social Service of NSW (Received 8 December 2010)

PN22 NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (Received 14 December 2010)

PN23 NSW Department of Local Government (Received 15 December 2010)

PN24 Corrective Services NSW (Received 15 December 2010)

PN25 NSW Ombudsman (Received 20 December 2010)

PN26 Redfern Legal Centre (Received 20 December 2010)

PN27 Illawarra Legal Centre (Received 20 December 2010)

PN28 Homeless Persons' Legal Service (Received 17 December 2010)

PN29 NSW Young Lawyers, Criminal Law Committee (Received 17 December 2010)

PN30 Transport NSW (Received 21 December 2010)

PN31 The Law Society of NSW (Received 22 December 2010)

PN32 NSW Commission for Children & Young People (Received 23 December 2010)

PN33 The Shopfront Youth Legal Centre (Received 23 December 2010)

PN34 Youth Justice Coalition (Received 24 December 2010)

PN35 Children's Court of NSW (Received 24 December 2010)

PN36 NSW Department of Community Services (Received 5 January 2011)

PN37 NSW Industry & Investment (Received 11 January 2011)

PN38 Justice Action (Received 7 February 2011)

PN39 Women in Prison Advocacy Network (Received 7 February 2011)

PN40 Matthew Bennett (Received 18 February 2011)

PN41 Office of State Revenue State Debt Recovery (Received 18 February 2011)

PN42 Homeless Persons' Legal Service (Received 24 February 2011)

PN44 Police Portfolio (Received 9 March 2011)

PN45 Legal Aid NSW (Received 8 April 2011)

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27 Sep 2023

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